Dorset: Grey Days

Day Two

We decided to have breakfast out on Monday morning, which was quite a treat for us! We went to this gorgeous little cafe in Wareham called The Salty Pig (picture below). It was so adorable! The tables and benches were quite crammed together and there were lots of cushions and soft furnishings. It was very wholesome and had a healthy feel about it – even if I did have a Full English Breakfast… The breakfast itself was delicious: the fried potatoes especially so! I would highly recommend!


After stuffing our faces, we decided to go on a walk to burn off the calories. It was a relatively grey and miserable day but it wasn’t raining so we were happy! We walked along the meanders of The River Piddle and saw impressive slip-off slopes, as a result of sediment deposition. We also saw some trout in the river, facing upstream and wavering slightly to allow them to rest.

Nearing the end of the walk I came across this impressively coloured mushroom, which I was later informed goes by the name of fly agaric. It was the brightest red – I don’t think the photo does the true colour justice!


The walk lasted us most of the afternoon and the heavens opened up just as we got back to the car, which was very lucky for us!


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